In celebration of 50 years in business we would like to feature one of our vendors.

By Eileen Eichhorn

Only a few individual items are supplied through one of our favorite vendors: Guertin Brothers. Almost from the day we opened Eichhorn Jewelry in 1965 we sold the Original Mother’s Ring® manufactured in the USA by Guertin Brothers. This style is still a popular today and hence, a classic. In addition, new styles of rings were added over the years. Their registered trademark is evident on the inside of all their rings.

Eichhorn Jewelry also sells Guertin Brothers plain wedding bands, carved wedding bands, solitaire engagement ring mountings, hand engraved Hawaiian rings and bracelets. As an experienced manufacturer of fine jewelry their roots go back to 1872. A division of John C. Nordt Company, Inc., Guertin Brothers remains dedicated to the production of the finest jewelry in the world. At their factory in Virginia, more than 150 associates work with a variety of precious metals and the most advanced technology in the world, shipping up to fifty different metals each day to customers across the globe.

In as far as Guertin Brothers wedding bands are crafted, each begins with the raw elements, both precious metals and the alloys. They are combined in furnaces and extruded through their unique FusionForged™ process into tubes of precious metals. Each ring is precision crafted and ultimately finished to perfection into the wedding bands that symbolize so much to those who wear them.

Legacy of integrity and innovation, combined with superior products and services: that is Guertin Brothers.  Like Eichhorn’s family business to this day, Guertin Brothers is dedicated to providing a wide variety of products based on their special process and unique skills. From exacting component blanks to the finest and most romantic of engagement and wedding rings, setting the standard for excellence in jewelry manufacturing. We love this supplier and know you will, too.


In celebration of our 50th year in business we would like to feature an employee each month. This month is dedicated to Carla Meyer.

By Eileen Eichhorn

Having worked in retail for many years, Carla Meyer returned this month to Eichhorn Jewelry full-time.  We are so happy she is back! She has never known a stranger in her life. Community minded with a heart of gold, Carla is dedicated and dependable. Having previously worked for five years at Eichhorn’s, she knows jewelry and gemstones. We love her and know you will, too.

Carla brings her enthusiasm to work each day sharing current fashion trends. Accessorizing is her middle name. We lovingly call her the ‘fashionista’ of Eichhorn’s. Upbeat and bubbly, Carla is a veteran when it comes to assisting customers. Whether shopping for yourself or a gift, she will find just the right jewelry to make your present memorable. She loves estate and vintage jewelry and will guide you through the shop pointing out some of the best values. If shopping for diamond engagement ring or special earrings for the mother-of-the bride she has an amazing sense of style. Always helpful, she will add selections to your personal “Wish List”, too.

Her favorite word is ‘bling’ as she loves any gemstone that shines! Designing and redesigning diamonds is her specialty, with endless possibilities. Whether you need a diamond makeover or a great idea see Carla. Your shopping experience will be fun!

Trivia: Carla’s mother, Jane Light and her aunt Carolyn Meyer, worked for Eichhorn Jewelry in the 70’s…

Carla Meyer - Eichhorn Jewelry

Carla Meyer – Eichhorn Jewelry – Decatur Indiana