In celebration of 50 years in business we would like to feature one of our vendors each month.

By Eileen R. Eichhorn

One of the vendors we still carry today as we did on the first day the shop opened was Bulova. As a highly recognized brand, most do not know Bulova broadcast the first-ever national radio commercial in 1926 signaling the hour with ‘At the tone, it’s 8 o’clock’ B-U-L-O-V-A Watch Time,” an ad heard by millions. In addition on July 1, 1941 Bulova aired the world’s first television commercial. Shown before the Brooklyn Dodgers vs. Philadelphia Phillies game, the $9.00 ad featured a simple, silhouetted map of the USA centered with a Bulova Clock and the slogan, “America Runs on Bulova Time.”

Day one August 5, 1965 at Eichhorn Jewelry was an exciting time. I remember it like it was yesterday…Setting up the store to get ready for the first customers involved not just putting the one dozen men’s and one dozen lady’s Bulova watches inside the showcases, but making sure they were fully wound and positioned properly so when someone would want to try the watch on, it was fully functioning.  My father, the watchmaker, assigned me the task along with my grandmother, Rachel. She loved knowing what time it was and insisted on accuracy. However, I was more about how pretty the watch was especially the lady’s models with small diamond accents!

Today we still feature a large assortment of Bulova watches and clocks from the newest fashionable additions: Caravelle New York, to the Precisionist, and the collectible Accutron, the world’s first electronic watch. We also have pre-owned Bulova watches in our estate department.

Trivia: Eileen Eichhorn wears a Bulova watch and has for many years. It is one of the most popular models – a chronograph style 98R97 with a calendar and small diamonds around the bezel. Did you know a code exists on most Bulova watches to circa date the watch? A great help for appraisers!

The Art of Carving

By Eileen R. Eichhorn

Gem carving has been around for centuries. Mostly known as either intaglio – incision into stone or deep relief engraving – where the area around the stone is cut away and a raised area is left exposed – this ancient art has risen to a whole new level with the advent of today’s modern tools and techniques.

While in Tucson for the gem show I purchased a lovely carved hummingbird perched on a golden citrine quartz crystal to surprise my husband for Valentine’s Day. It is made of green aventurine quartz that looks like jade with a citrine quartz beak and sterling silver feet.  Displaying at the Tucson show for some years now, the import company in Rio de Janeiro employs artists with a magical gift that many admire – I do. Since my husband, John, loves hummingbirds, I was hopeful the bird would amaze him and it did!

I was in awe of the variety of unique birds meticulously hand crafted of natural and precious Brazilian native gemstones! Strikingly beautiful and rich in details cardinals, swans, owls, eagles, parrots, toucans, pelicans, and other exotic birds can be ordered custom made with authentic amethyst, topaz, crystal quartz, pink quartz, dolomite and other gems indigenous to South America. Found underground in Brazilian soil, in caves or rivers’ margins, large crystals must be obtained to cut to specific parts of the birds.

A vast array of other hand carved sculptures, rough stone jewelry pieces, dolls, and amulets can also be obtained from my supplier bringing one closer to the Brazilian spirit.

We love visiting Tucson the first of February if only for a short trip to purchase gems. This year we enjoyed 82-84 degrees each day. The hummingbird was “our” memento of the spring that we hope is near!

Stop in and see the carved hummingbird at Eichhorn Jewelry, Inc. I told my husband I would put it on display for awhile to share his unique present.


By Eileen R Eichhorn

My sister, Kate Dyer, has been selling diamonds most of her life in the family business, Eichhorn Jewelry. She loves diamonds and owns many herself. Having completed the GIA Diamond Correspondence Course decades ago, she knows diamonds.

Kate’s specialty is diamond engagement rings.  In fact, she knows the entire inventory better than any of the other employees!  Most engagement rings have matching wedding bands. Knowing each style’s mate allows her to show customers all the options available to create a special look. Sometimes another band may fit as well. Kate can direct customers to those, too. If a ring is to be customized, she will suggest the best possible solution. Recently, she helped design a very special remount using all of the customers’ diamonds. This was a difficult task, with a great amount of faith involved. The customer was delighted with the finished ring.

A few weeks ago, a young man and his fiancée visited the shop to find a diamond engagement ring. The young woman had high expectations and chose an Artcarved design. Due to budget constraints, Kate was able to modify the beautiful engagement ring to both their liking at a fraction of the cost with an illusion setting. The completed ring will look as if the center diamond is much larger than it actually is. The option when their finances permit is that they may return someday to trade-up to a larger diamond using the same mounting!

And it doesn’t need be a diamond. Selecting from thousands of inventory items from clocks and watches to charms and more, Kate will find just the perfect gift for any occasion! She is one of four engravers on staff that can personalize your selection, too.

You will find Kate most days at the jewelry store either ordering merchandise for stock or tagging new arrivals. This year, she selects 50 different items each month for our 50th Anniversary event at 50% off.

Trivia: Kate answers to more names than any other Eichhorn employee. Her given name is Mary Kathryn Louise Eichhorn. She is known by Katie, Mary, K, KD, Kaethe, and Katrina to name a few!

Kate Dyer of Eichhorn Jewelry in Decatur Indiana

Kate Dyer of Eichhorn Jewelry in Decatur Indiana


By Eileen Eichhorn

My staff often wonders why I chose to decorate the jewelry store windows myself, even washing them when the weather cooperates. I prefer putting the jewels out in the windows daily and placing the beauties safely in the vault each evening. It was my first job in my father’s store in 1965. He told me on the first day I entered the building that the windows were my responsibility. I could do anything to entice customers to enter. I took that command to heart!

Now, 50 years later, it serves as a daily reminder of those first days at Eichhorn Jewelry and the simplicity of it all. I could count the number of items in the building in a half hour in those days with my grandmother. Today, the inventory covers several thousand square feet and takes a dozen employees to manage. Many customers are unaware of the sheer number of different jewelry items and unusual gifts we have in stock, from hundreds of loose diamonds and gemstones to baby cups, an expanded vintage jewelry area and more! Some ask what the most expensive item in our collection is. That depends on what day the question is presented – we may have just sold it!

I know it is overwhelming to many newcomers when approaching our entrance and opening the door. Where to begin to shop? Before the door ever opens, my father said, “YOUR windows will help customers in their selection.” “Just a hint of what lies inside” his words continue to resonate in my head.

I love MY windows. They were my first introduction into the wonderful world of real jewelry. Through several renovations, the windows have changed very little from the original architecture of 1928. Only the jewels continue to change at Eichhorn Jewelry, Inc.