By Eileen R Eichhorn

My sister, Kate Dyer, has been selling diamonds most of her life in the family business, Eichhorn Jewelry. She loves diamonds and owns many herself. Having completed the GIA Diamond Correspondence Course decades ago, she knows diamonds.

Kate’s specialty is diamond engagement rings.  In fact, she knows the entire inventory better than any of the other employees!  Most engagement rings have matching wedding bands. Knowing each style’s mate allows her to show customers all the options available to create a special look. Sometimes another band may fit as well. Kate can direct customers to those, too. If a ring is to be customized, she will suggest the best possible solution. Recently, she helped design a very special remount using all of the customers’ diamonds. This was a difficult task, with a great amount of faith involved. The customer was delighted with the finished ring.

A few weeks ago, a young man and his fiancée visited the shop to find a diamond engagement ring. The young woman had high expectations and chose an Artcarved design. Due to budget constraints, Kate was able to modify the beautiful engagement ring to both their liking at a fraction of the cost with an illusion setting. The completed ring will look as if the center diamond is much larger than it actually is. The option when their finances permit is that they may return someday to trade-up to a larger diamond using the same mounting!

And it doesn’t need be a diamond. Selecting from thousands of inventory items from clocks and watches to charms and more, Kate will find just the perfect gift for any occasion! She is one of four engravers on staff that can personalize your selection, too.

You will find Kate most days at the jewelry store either ordering merchandise for stock or tagging new arrivals. This year, she selects 50 different items each month for our 50th Anniversary event at 50% off.

Trivia: Kate answers to more names than any other Eichhorn employee. Her given name is Mary Kathryn Louise Eichhorn. She is known by Katie, Mary, K, KD, Kaethe, and Katrina to name a few!

Kate Dyer of Eichhorn Jewelry in Decatur Indiana

Kate Dyer of Eichhorn Jewelry in Decatur Indiana

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