By Eileen R. Eichhorn

Behind the scenes at Eichhorn Jewelry is a world similar to the backstage of any theatre! My sister Laura Ditto has the monumental task of paying the bills as the bookkeeper, balancing the daily total sales and making the bank deposits. In addition, she assists in a myriad of other tasks. I consider her my ‘right arm’. Eichhorn Jewelry would be hard pressed to function without her!

Placed with the assignment of managing our corporate employees’ payroll records, vacations, and other human resource responsibilities Laura is happy the days of hand writing checks are a thing of the past. She is old enough to not only remember those times, but can’t imagine life without QuickBooks™.

We ship hundreds of packages to vendors and customers all over the country. With the advent of the internet the number grows each year. Laura packs and tracks all of those. Christmas is our busiest time with her work load increasing during November and December. This past year was especially stressful with so many customers waiting until the last minute to order!

Eichhorn’s Diamond Club is a huge responsibility assigned to Laura.  Maintaining the internal records for this attraction includes not just the computer receipts, but creating a hard paper trail for credits. Whoever said we would be a paperless society never ran a business! Typically, over 350 clients are actively enrolled in either a $2.00 or $5.00 club or about to join. This rewards program would cause some to say, an impossible undertaking. Few jewelers have tried to emulate our success. Once they find out how much is involved they soon discover they are not up to the chore!

Whenever we need office supplies Laura is not only the purchasing agent but the buyer extraordinaire. She is a personal shopper for her private jewelry clients as well. Having started in sales at Eichhorn Jewelry after high school, she is called on to help out during the busiest of days ‘pinch hitting’ on the sales floor or if someone calls in sick.

Laura is a great jewelry model, too! Not only does she love her own jewelry, she will try on an item so a customer can see how it may look on. After 33 years at Eichhorn’s she would probably say this is the most fun part of her job!

I may have overlooked one or more of the undertakings listed here. I am so very grateful I can rely on this ‘real gem’ of an employee to complete so many without ever complaining.

Trivia: If you think you are seeing double: Laura Ditto is a twin to Phyllis Whitright, Decatur’s city clerk treasurer.  Who would have guessed they’d both be bookkeepers!

Laura Ditto Eichhorn Jewelry, Decatur Indiana

Laura Ditto Eichhorn Jewelry, Decatur Indiana

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