Time to Shop Eichhorn Jewelry

By Eileen R. Eichhorn

Recently, a customer who has shopped with us for many years called to ask our store hours. My staff informed the client 9-6 Monday through Friday and 9-5 on Saturdays. We often work by appointments earlier and later many days to accommodate the hectic schedules of people. Couples, especially wanting to make a significant diamond engagement ring purchase have a difficult time it seems getting together to shop. We take for granted after 50 years in downtown Decatur and diligently advertising our hours, that everyone would know when we are open and closed. However, we reiterate to inform, mostly for new customers and occasionally for those regulars who forget.

In addition to traditional advertising in area newspapers, magazines and radio, our website www.eichhornjewelry.com posts our hours. Somehow, because we are destination shopped, many calls are received daily posing the question. Mobile devices are typical for customer’s to get directions to find us and post our hours. We gladly welcome all inquiries!

There was a time we had regular evening hours which changed with the advent of the downtown main street business community. Today’s lifestyle has all but altered shopping as it was just a few years ago. Gone are the Friday nights when were open until 9.

It is likely an early morning appointment via a cell call consists of either dropping off a watch or ring repair when someone is on their way to work out of town. Many of our customers work an hour or more away from Eichhorn’s. We love being able to provide that personal service.

Due to the confidential nature of our business, too, we have adapted to the shopping hour needs of our customers. Is there a time you want to shop for a milestone gift? Maybe you have a custom design in mind you would like to leave as a legacy? We are happy to arrange your appointment today. Call us at 260-724-2621. We look forward to your call!

EICHHORN DIAMOND DAYS: April 9-10-11, 2015

By Eileen R. Eichhorn

Originally a fun idea created by Eileen Eichhorn some years ago, Eichhorn Jewelry celebrates the arrival of spring with DIAMOND DAYS. This event has grown to be quite an anticipated affair complete with our traditional Carat Cake and Diamond Water™. To encourage our customers to stop by the shop, we offer a loose diamond give-away valued at $2800. Just for registering with no purchase needed, you could be the lucky winner (and you don’t need to be present to win). See website for details.

For three days only, Eichhorn Jewelry offers its loyal customers loose diamonds as well as mounted diamond rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces at tremendous savings. Since it is impossible for us to foresee the diamond desires of everyone, our favorite suppliers bring us a few of their diamonds to supplement our own vast inventory. We try to feature most of the diamond shapes. Still the most popular, round brilliant diamonds top the list. Princess, cushion, pear and oval follow with marquise, radiant and emerald-cut trendy. Other shapes such as the heart are just a few of the many outlines for diamond connoisseurs.

Special fancy color diamonds are featured, too, showcasing the newest fashion looks. In many cases, enhancements can alter the color of diamonds to be nearly every color of the rainbow. Having enjoyed educating clients about diamonds for 50 years, most people are unaware of the science behind the colors. Trace elements of nitrogen cause most diamonds to be a very, very slightly yellow hue to a highly saturated bright yellow color. Some are so rare they are actually orange! As a highlighted feature this year, Eichhorn’s has natural bronze and cognac color diamonds plus enhanced black diamonds. Mixed with white diamonds these diamond jewels are more affordable than you think!


By Eileen R. Eichhorn

As the April birthstone, diamonds are the ideal gift for a loved one.  And now you have more choices than ever. Get creative and give the ultimate gift of beauty: a fancy-color diamond. Fancy-color diamonds are natural, rare and truly exotic gems of the earth.  Diamonds in hues of yellow, red, pink, blue, and green range in intensity from faint to vivid and generally the more saturated the color, the higher the value. In fact, diamonds sparkling with intense color are rare and may be priced higher than a colorless diamond of equal size.  Because fancy-color diamonds are very desirable, color is sometimes introduced in a laboratory. These are correctly called color-treated diamonds. When purchasing a fancy-color diamond, ask if any enhancements or treatments were used to improve its color and/or clarity.

Exceptional fancy color diamond jewelry can be seen at Eichhorn Jewelry. Always fashion forward, Eichhorn’s has the most unusual styles in rings and pendants. A rare natural pink diamond set in a platinum ring designed by Somos© is truly a sight to see!

A dramatic teardrop pendant with an array of many spectacular color-treated diamonds is an eye catching design. To justify such a purchase, learn how to wear in more than one way by just changing the style of the neck chain. One of the new stainless multiple wire necklaces can even be used to totally transform the look.

Now in our 50th year, Eichhorn Jewelry is proud to feature a natural cognac color diamond ring. Surrounded by white diamonds, this ring could be a milestone anniversary ring or engagement ring for the discriminating woman.

Why not get creative and add one or more fancy color diamonds to your collection? Stop in today in the Heart of Downtown Decatur or visit us at http://www.eichhornjewelry.com.