EICHHORN – of San Jose California

In celebration of 50 years in business we would like to feature one of our vendors each month.

By Eileen R. Eichhorn

One of our suppliers shares our same surname! Some years ago while visiting a trade show people kept coming up to us and saying “YOU are the Eichhorns!” Since we had badges on with our names we thought it odd for the outburst, maybe a prank or perhaps they thought they knew us? This seemed strange enough because we did not know what EICHHORN they were referring to. We had to find out just who these people thought we were.

In the discovery process, we found a couple who really know gems! Originally dealing exclusively in loose emeralds, sapphires and rubies, Eichhorn of San Jose added a new dimension by designing and manufacturing an extensive line of classic and contemporary jewelry featuring exquisite gemstones.

Importing from the mines and dealers in Colombia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Brazil, each gem is hand selected for its uniqueness and beauty by Dottie and Michael Eichhorn. Their dedication and attention to detail is their trademark. For over 20 years, Eichhorn Jewelry in Downtown Decatur has been dealing with Eichhorn of San Jose building a special relationship that continues today.

Trivia: Matt Dyer proposed to Abigail Murray in 2002 with a platinum diamond engagement ring mounting supplied by Eichhorn of San Jose!


In celebration of 50 years in business we would like to feature one of our employees each month.

By Eileen R. Eichhorn

When Eichhorn Jewelry started to expand exponentially on the web in 2006, it became apparent that an in house marketing director was needed to keep up with the constant increase in business. At that time Heather was working for another company in her field of expertise: business marketing. It was a stroke of luck that she considered a career move when asked to join the Eichhorn family jewelry business.

Most people would not believe all she does to promote Eichhorn Jewelry! Although, Eichhorn’s had a presence on the web since 1998, the website needed a boost. Her first job was to learn more about the jewelry business.  She was great at learning and is always willing to learn more about jewelry! Initially, Heather self-taught herself web building and most of what she continues to do today. Not even she would have guessed how the internet would evolve in such a relatively short time and catapult Eichhorn’s business.

In addition to posting new acquisitions of estate jewelry on the website, Heather is constantly updating our many vendors information. Her job entails answering a multitude of requests for gift certificates as we support many charitable causes each year.

Traditional marketing is still utilized by Eichhorn’s as Heather designs ads for area newspapers and magazines, creates direct mail pieces and purchases radio time.

With the advent of social media, Heather is busier than ever! It is an important part of our daily marketing. She still finds time to pinch hit on the sales floor, too, during the busiest of times and processes many of the internet orders she helped create!

TRIVIA:  Heather sends emails to nearly 4,000 of our customers several times a year. Let us know if you would like to be notified for upcoming special promotions and events: heathercruse@eichhornjewelry.com

Heather Cruse of Decatur Indiana Eichhorn Jewelry

Heather Cruse of Decatur Indiana Eichhorn Jewelry