In celebration of 50 years in business we would like to feature one of our vendors each month.

By Eileen R. Eichhorn

A few years ago while in Chicago, a friend of mine suggested we look at an Italian jewelry vendor’s line that had an innovative design. That recommendation was the best tip I think I ever received from another jeweler as it fast became our most popular and recognizable merchandise.

The Italians are artisans in many areas but shine best in their jewelry. The brothers Carlo and Francesco have an assortment of necklaces, both hoop and drop style earrings, bracelets and rings that rival many more expensive designer looks. Having started in chain manufacturing in 1987, it was inevitable that beads would enter this collaborative duos design plan.

Their Moon collection was originally manufactured in gold, for a very discerning audience. In 2008 it was introduced in silver with great success. Available in 800 upscale shops in the USA, including Eichhorn Jewelry, it is also available in Italy, Spain, Mauritius, and Brazil.

The Moon name comes from the shape of the bead facet, the compositional unit of Bernardi jewelry. Associated with the crescent Moon and the white-silver dress worn by Selene, the ancient Greek Moon Goddess, Bernardi jewelry glitters. The idea was to manufacture an effect with the same brightness and light. High technology and jewelry know-how became one producing this beautiful jewelry. Special diamond-cutting tools are the secret-formula to their inspired designs.

Other special techniques detailed with gold plating over silver, blackened silver and the newest: rose gold plating over silver continue to attract buyers. You can’t help but love the “bling” as well as the compliments everyone says they receive while wearing Bernardi!

Priced from $45 and up, this affordable luxury is highly addictive. You will want to build on your private collection of Bernardi jewelry with mix or matching pieces!

New Customers

By Eileen R Eichhorn

Yesterday while I was putting away the windows, I smiled and waved to the littlest young man who smiled back at me so big! Slowly walking down the sidewalk with his mother, it appeared he was about 2 years old strolling with his older sister on her way to dance lessons. For some reason he couldn’t take his eyes off of me. I hope someday he will shop at Eichhorn Jewelry. Is it possible I could sell him a diamond engagement ring in 2035?

We have welcomed many more new customers lately. I am not sure if it is the direct result of people moving to Decatur, having just discovered us, or referrals from other customers and friends? Perhaps it is that, plus area jewelers who have closed their doors. Certainly all advertising helps, too.

We have had people who used to live in Decatur moving back. In addition, others have moved here for jobs. One mentioned they moved to Decatur from the East Coast for our schools. It is interesting that while waiting for a battery to be installed in a watch they provided us many other reasons for selecting our beautiful city for their new home.

Having lost so many wonderful customers in recent years we are happy to welcome new ones. A woman from Marion traveled to Decatur in search of a jeweler who could restring and clean and polish her silver turquoise squash blossom necklace. She found us on the internet. Many travel in from other cities after Googling us for a specific service we provide. I am always intrigued to find so many cannot receive these services from their area jewelers. It seems many places sell jewelry, few stores service it.

Not every job can be done in-house. The many sources we have enables us the utmost expertise to achieve our customer’s greatest joy in the restoration process. If you have a diamond needing re-cutting because it is damaged or an antique ring that has missing gemstones, we assure you we can facilitate the project. These are just a few of our services, too. Have a question concerning a repair? Bring it to us. Eichhorn Jewelry welcomes all inquiries!

Mary Ann August – Behind the Scenes

In celebration of 50 years in business we would like to feature one of our employees each month.

By Eileen R. Eichhorn

Every business has people who contribute to its success that few seldom see. In the theatre sometimes those behind the scenes, never receive the accolades they deserve.

Mary Ann August started working at Eichhorn Jewelry after having been a longtime customer. One day while she was paying on her Diamond Club, she asked if I needed help typing appraisals maybe a few hours each week. Of course, I jumped at the chance. She has been working part-time at Eichhorn’s now for over 25 years! However, she hasn’t typed appraisals for decades having been relegated to inventory data entry.

When items arrive from vendors each have descriptions that may not be listed on the invoices. Her job is to enter those items on the computer with specifications and photograph each piece. Her entries are tied to our POS system. This allows our customers to have accurate details on their sales receipts. Some items arrive with limited descriptions. Our sales receipts have enough information to submit to an insurance company if a customer wishes to add to their insurance policy. Some highly complex important jewelry such as bracelets with multiple gemstones and diamonds require gemologist assistance and mapping of the piece before entering. Recently a bracelet with 692 diamonds had to be counted and recounted before entering it into the database. It took a joint effort of both of us about forty-five minutes to complete.

Mary Ann has a full time job working dispatch for Adams County. Her dedication and ability to multi-task is unsurpassed in that career. We are thrilled she continues to maintain her part-time job at Eichhorn’s. The real bonus – she gets to preview all the beautiful jewelry arriving daily!

Trivia:  During our busiest of seasons, she pinch-hits at giftwrap, too. I think Mary Ann is the best gift wrap artist I have ever employed!