New Customers

By Eileen R Eichhorn

Yesterday while I was putting away the windows, I smiled and waved to the littlest young man who smiled back at me so big! Slowly walking down the sidewalk with his mother, it appeared he was about 2 years old strolling with his older sister on her way to dance lessons. For some reason he couldn’t take his eyes off of me. I hope someday he will shop at Eichhorn Jewelry. Is it possible I could sell him a diamond engagement ring in 2035?

We have welcomed many more new customers lately. I am not sure if it is the direct result of people moving to Decatur, having just discovered us, or referrals from other customers and friends? Perhaps it is that, plus area jewelers who have closed their doors. Certainly all advertising helps, too.

We have had people who used to live in Decatur moving back. In addition, others have moved here for jobs. One mentioned they moved to Decatur from the East Coast for our schools. It is interesting that while waiting for a battery to be installed in a watch they provided us many other reasons for selecting our beautiful city for their new home.

Having lost so many wonderful customers in recent years we are happy to welcome new ones. A woman from Marion traveled to Decatur in search of a jeweler who could restring and clean and polish her silver turquoise squash blossom necklace. She found us on the internet. Many travel in from other cities after Googling us for a specific service we provide. I am always intrigued to find so many cannot receive these services from their area jewelers. It seems many places sell jewelry, few stores service it.

Not every job can be done in-house. The many sources we have enables us the utmost expertise to achieve our customer’s greatest joy in the restoration process. If you have a diamond needing re-cutting because it is damaged or an antique ring that has missing gemstones, we assure you we can facilitate the project. These are just a few of our services, too. Have a question concerning a repair? Bring it to us. Eichhorn Jewelry welcomes all inquiries!

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