Appraiser Attends National Association of Jewelry Appraisers Conference

Eileen Eichhorn Certified Senior Member of NAJA recently attended the 46th Annual Mid-Year Conference of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers in Newport Beach CA.

The Association, consisting of national and international members, is dedicated to the maintenance of professional standards, professional ethics and education in the field of jewelry appraising. All members must adhere to the professional Code of Ethics of the association and all appraisal assignments must be performed under the constraints of this Code.

This year’s conference concentrated on several work areas which confront appraisers on a daily basis to update their knowledge. Over the course of several days lectures were given on Muzo emeralds, the challenges of creating a new branded gemstone: Emeryl Jewelstone® , counterfeit watches and old cuts of diamonds. A review of treatments and synthetics, digital photomicrography, inside Tiffany, as well as training your eye for antique jewelry were presented. Examples of difficult appraisal situations, 1950s-1960s vintage jewelry, and the identification of French hallmarks proved enlightenment.

Eileen Eichhorn, a Graduate Gemologist, has been appraising jewelry for over 40 years. She performs a variety of appraisals for individuals, the banking industry, attorneys and others. These assignments include but are not limited to insurance replacement, fair market value, donation, divorce, bankruptcy, collateral, comparison, casualty loss, and qualitative reports.

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