In celebration of 50 years in business we would like to feature one of our employees each month.

By Eileen R. Eichhorn

Of all the many employees over the past 50 years, none have had such endearing qualities as our dear Sally Hoeppner. Finding her way to our door several years ago, Sally has the distinction of being our most loyal diamond ambassador. Always in the forefront of fashion, Sally truly loves jewelry.  She makes a fashion statement daily in her vast selections to compliment her style. Diamonds are her favorite accessory!

Sally’s husband has presented her with two milestone diamond gifts in recent years. For their 30th Anniversary she received a one carat Artcarved diamond ring. Just this past April – her birthstone is diamond – Sally was presented with an item from her ‘wish list’ – the Diamond Marriage Symbol necklace.

You will find Sally polished to perfection in her sweet voice. Having the distinction of the one who will call to remind you about the Diamond Club, Sally takes her phone job seriously.

I am sure Sally never realized all the many tasks she would perform while working at Eichhorn’s. One of her favorite is taking photographs of the multitude of watches and jewelry taken in for repairs daily.

Sally is a personal shopper, too. Extremely conscientious of value, Sally is great at finding the best buy for the young man who wants to become engaged on a budget. She will steer him to the wide selection of estate diamond rings.

Trivia: Having “adopted” her into our family, we lovingly call her another ‘sister’.  Sally adds a unique blend to the makeup of the mixed staff of Eichhorn family member-employees and the other adoptees.

Eichhorn Jewelry's employee; Sally Hoeppner of Berne Indiana

Eichhorn Jewelry employee; Sally Hoeppner of Berne Indiana

Countdown to 50

By Eileen R. Eichhorn

August 5, 2014 was our 49th year in the jewelry business as Eichhorn Jewelry. Our beginnings resembled some things that we still do and hope to for years to come. But most days we are ever evolving as a multi-faceted jewelry operation with services few stores are willing to tackle. Our longtime employee, Charlotte Sheets, with us now 46 years, put it best when she asked me “Did you ever think you would be doing some of the things you do today?”

A new customer called after she visited our store today. She said “she could feel the love in our store.” That is one of the nicest things anyone has ever commented about us. She was happy one of our very loyal customers not only referred her to us but came with her from Ft. Wayne to visit Decatur. She was informed of our Diamond Club and joined on the spot. “What a great idea,” she said. On Mondays when we call the winners it takes their week to a whole new level. What better way to start a week than to be informed you have won! Our father, John Eichhorn would be proud to think this Eichhorn tradition has grown to encompass so many people. Started as a way to drive traffic into our store in 1970, a father with 10 children wanted to have his customers see all the latest styles in his jewelry store not just during the Christmas season. My grandmother who worked alongside my father for five years often wondered about her $10,000. investment. She loaned her son the money to begin the store and came to work to make sure he stayed the course. She wondered how he would make it when business was slow.  As a certified master watchmaker he had a lot of repairs. However, the Diamond Club was the answer to getting more people in the door. Originally, members paid $1 each week, we now have $2 and $5 clubs. It is one of the things we do for fun at Eichhorn’s.